Lavish is a rich collection of liquids featuring a baobab fruit oil formulation in squeeze tube bottles with flip-top caps, elegantly packaged flow-wrap soaps, and numerous sundry items. Featuring soft, muted colors and an elegant design, Lavish will offer guests a unique experience; welcoming them with a sense of luxury, style and intoxicating scents of Green Tea and Baobab Fruit Oil. 

Green Tea

Baobab Tree

Bottles and Liquids

LAVISH is an elegant hotel toiletries line that includes: Salon grade travel size hotel shampoo, nourishing hotel conditioner, moisturizing hotel lotion, and foaming hotel body wash. Designed with for the sophisticated guest, with multi lingual labels, these liquids are cleverly packaged in our convenient soft touch tubes – with easy use flip top cap.

Shampoo, Conditioner & More!

Lavish Body Lotion

" I love this body wash! Smells delicious and foams nicely. Lots of other shower gels you get in hotels just feel slimy and they don't rinse very well. I want some for home!"

Lavish Shampoo

''Been ordering this product for our Vacation Rentals for years.. Summer is just not complete without it. Loved the packaging too!''

Lavish Body Gel

"I have been working with Custom Amenities for 10 years, and have always been very impressed with the attention to detail and their willingness to make our programs work. "

Lavish Conditioner

"Fantastic" Was a comment I received from a recent guest. Thanks Custom Amenities!

These gentle French milled, 100% vegetable based soaps in our LAVISH hotel amenities set are made with natural ingredients, will moisturize and exfoliate while the luxurious glycerin bar is soothing. LAVISH soaps will give a high performing lather and is sure to pamper your guests during their stay. The soaps offered in this line of guest room toiletries consist of a 20g Facial bar, 30g Luxury oat bar, and our top-quality glycerin leaf bar - a selection that your guests are going to love and remember!

French milled luxury soaps


"These facial French milled soaps seem to be quite the catch for our guests. We definitely look forward to ordering more soaps from your company again. Thank you!"


"These luxury soap bars look very nice and professional in their packaging. When used, they create creamy suds with a nice smooth feeling."

Glycerine Leaf Bar 30g

"The Green Leaf Glycerine Soap was just what I was looking for.. It looks great and smells amazing!"

Beyond the Ordinarily starts with the Caring about the Details

Paraben Free

Discover our paraben-free amenities - enriched with natural ingredients - includes shampoo, conditioner, soap and more.

Cruelty Free

Take care of your guest's skin with peace of mind; all of the products in our store are 100% free of animal-derived materials, ingredients, by-products and testing.

Vegetable Based Soaps

We at Custom Amenities, ONLY use vegetarian friendly, 100% Vegetable Based Soaps. You will never find tallow or animal fat-based guest soaps here.

An uplifting array of LAVISH overnight premium hotel guest accessories also awaits your guests. These items will leave them feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, while always guaranteeing the impression that you are keeping the comforts of home in mind. LAVISH wholesale hotel guest amenities line is also accompanied with many hotel accessories and overnight guest products including shower caps, moisturizing lip balms, compact sewing kits, show polisher and beauty vanity kits - ideal for items we sometimes forget. 

Thoughtful Extras

LAvish shower cap

"I received my order today. This is my second time ordering from you guys and I'm very happy with the products and experience. Guests say these mitts work great. I will definitely buy it again. "


"Very Classy Packaging!"


" We like to keep these on had at the front desk for our guests - just in case of a popped button emergency!"


"Most of our bookings are with business guests, and they really seem to appreciate us supplying these. These fantastic toiletries were mentioned repeatedly in our Trip Adviser reviews for our B&B!"

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